About College

We are responsible to the Students…

  • To communicate the goals and objectives of the college systematically and clearly to all students.
  • To provide clear information to students about the admissions and completion of requirement for all programmes/courses, the fees structure and refund policies, financial aid and student support services.
  • To facilitate effective execution of the teaching-learning and evaluation system.
  • To implement a well conceived plan for monitoring student’s progress continuously.
  • To ensure that the student’s assessment procedure and systems are reliable and valid.
  • To ensure sufficient and well run support services to all students.
  • To promote values, social responsibilities and good citizenry in all students.

Our expectations from the Students..

  • To appreciate the goals and objectives of the college and contribute to their realization by participating in relevant college activities.
  • To have a clear knowledge of the progammes/courses, admission policies, rules and regulations of the college.
  • To understand the teaching- learning strategies and evaluation system of the college.
  • To follow time schedules, rules and regulations of the college.
  • To undertake regular and intense study of learning materials.
  • To make optimum use of the learning resources and other support services available in the college.
  • To prepare for continuous internal assignments and examinations.
  • To give feedback for system improvement

Parents and guardians are requested

  • To go through the ‘Prospectus’ while admitting their wards to the college.
  • Bringing of mobiles within the campus is strictlyprohibited as per the norms of University of Mumbai. If any student is found with mobile, the mobile set shall be forfeited and strict action shall be taken against the student hence parents are requested not to give mobile sets to their wards.
  • The examinations of all the classes i.e. F.Y./S.Y./T.Y. B.A and B.Com are on semester basis therefore parents are requested to see the regularity and compliance of internal examinations or evaluation of their wards, accordingly.
  • Parents are requested to see the progress of their ward at internal/semester /terminal/preliminary examinations to be conducted by the college. This is a pre-requisite for sending the examination forms for semester/annual examination to be conducted by the university
  • If the students/wards are irregular and not up to the mark in internal evaluation/terminal examination/preliminary examination/s or failed to attend these examinations, they are not allowed to fill in the University examination forms. Parents and students/wards are personally responsible for the academic loss in such situation
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