Teaching Staff

1. Mr. Rajendra Anekar  I/c Principal

Arts Faculty

2. Mrs. A. S. ZAWAR Vice Principal and H.O.D. Economics
3. Mrs. P. B. AGARWAL Economics
4. Mrs. V. A. DESHPANDE English H.O.D
5. Mr A. N. DANDGE History H.O.D.
6. Mr. Anil Borade History
7. Mr. S. S. NAVGIRE Marathi H.O.D.
8. Mr. S. T. NICHITE Marathi
9. Mrs. J. A. POTE Sociology
10. Mr. Ibrahim Tadvi  Pol. Science

Commerce faculty

11. Dr. V. N. PURAV Vice Principal and H.O.D. Mathematics
12. Mrs. K. R. ANEKAR H.O.D. Commerce
13. Ms. S. M. KEDARE Commerce
14. Mr. F. V. BHOI H.O.D. Accountancy
15. Mr. R. R. ANEKAR Accountancy
16. Mr. G. R. JAWALE Economics
17. Mrs. S. D. KULKARNI Business communication (English)
18. Ms. S. V. WADWANKAR Environmental Studies.
19. Ms. N. J. BEHERE (Librarian)

Non – Teaching Staff

1. Mr. K.P.SHEVALE Information Officer, Office Superintendent, Work related to Joint Director Office,P.F. Pension, Service Book, Promotion, C.R. etc.

2. MR. G.D. CHORGE Work related to Joint Director Office, P.F. Pension, Service Book, Promotion, C.R Scholarship / Freeship etc.
3. Mrs. R.R. KAMBLE Admission and Exam, Other related work etc.
4. Mr. P.J. JOSHI Accounts, Other related work etc.
5. Mr. D.D.GADKAR Bonafide, Rly Concession, TC, Migration, scholarship, Marksheet, Board Certificate etc.
6. Mr. W.R.RATHOD Work related to Library etc,
7. Mr. V.K. BHOSLE Admission and Exam ,Other related work etc.
8. Mr. S.V.CHALWADI Gymkhana, Gr. Floor Corridor Discipline etc.
9. Mr. K.S. AHER NAAC , Work related Principal Desk etc.
10. Mr. G.D.SINGH Work related to Library etc.

11. Mr. Y.A.VIRNAK

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